How To Succeed As A Fashion Stylist?

Getting paid to dress celebs and doing it for a living may sound like the best message to the ears. But succeeding as a fashion stylist is not a walk in the park. You need to put more effort and learn the skill to become the best. The industry is evolving and more designers are joining this space. That means you need to change with the trends. Some people have different interests in fashion and want to see the final product. If you are just starting as a fashion stylist, here is how to succeed in this industry.

Have good  timing

Good timing is among the things that can help you to succeed as a fashion stylist. Ensure that you are doing the right thing at the right place and time. Ensure that if your client wants you at 2 pm, you arrive early or at the right time. Time is money and no one wants to lose even a second of it. Style your client according to his needs. 

Have a sharp eye

An eye for fashion is crucial in this industry.  There are situations where you will have a client who needs you to style his wardrobe as well as assist with home and interior design. That is why you need to have a sharp eye when it comes to styling. Whether you are asked to style the home or your client’s wardrobe, you should have the ability to give your client something eye-catching. 

Be a good a listener

Listening to your client’s needs is crucial.  When a client is explaining, pay close attention to what he has to say. Good listening alone makes you irreplaceable in your client’s heart. Sometime you will come across clients who are experiencing some changes in their lives. It could a new relationship, job, or a waistline. Understanding the client’s situation is important as it gives you positive interaction with your clients. There is nothing as bad as speaking when a client is talking. Listen to the client and understand what he specifically needs you to do with his wardrobe.

Keep learning

The fact that you are out of college doesn’t imply that you stop learning or doing research. New styles come up every day and people love change. If you don’t do research, how will you learn about the newest fashion trends? Research about the new and different looks, gather as much information as you can and try doing exactly as you see. If you are a good stylist, you will always plan things to avoid mistakes and disappointment. 

Once you learn something new, do not wait for a client to apply the skill. Practice first before you do it for a client. This will save you the embarrassment or the risk of losing a client because of a simple mistake. 


Being a stylist can be overwhelming and enjoyable. A good stylist is the one who keeps improving his skills every day. To succeed you need to create connections and have good relations with others in the industry.